Anna Phillips

Web Developer & Photographer


Working with SVG sprites in Sass

Sass can make working with sprites much less of a headache. Here’s some techniques I use to handle PNG fallbacks and sprite positioning.

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Timesaver: autocomplete your email in iOS

Are you sick of typing out your email address because there’s no autofill option or you have more than one account? If you add your email address as a shortcut then you can enter it with ease.

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Making WordPress more client‑friendly

WordPress is already very easy to use out of the box, but here’s a few tips on how to make it even simpler for your clients when using WordPress as a CMS for their website. (Without having to use plugins or hacks).

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Client supplied you a low‑res image for their logo?

It’s every designer’s nightmare – you request an EPS logo from a client and they send through a tiny, blurry JPEG. If they don’t have a better version, or if you’re under a time crunch, try the following tips to find a vector version of their logo.

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